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Scalp micropigmentation is a gradual process and at least three sessions are recommended in order to achieve optimal and long-lasting results. The first session will probably take the longest, between three and five hours, with duration of sessions decreasing each time.

Initially after treatment, some redness should be expected, although this will fade within a few days. A hairline will be instantly visible, but the look is gradually more noticeable with follow-up sessions that add further pigmentation.

Many participants have difficulty in distinguishing their real hair with the micropigmented hairline even up-close, and most of the time, even close friends and family cannot tell anything has been done. The gradual colouration of the process adds to the realism of the overall look.

If properly cared for, results can last a lifetime. Top-up sessions are recommended every three to six years in order to keep results looking sharp, and it should be remembered that excessive exposure to sunlight or sunburn can cause the pigmentation to fade.

Most people feel little to no discomfort, with the procedure causing at the most ‘mild pain’. Because the needles only penetrate the skin half as deep as the standard cosmetic tattoo needle, the sensation of micropigmentation is often described as ‘discomfort’ and is often far more bearable than people expect.

Those with particularly low pain thresholds may wish to take extra precautions against the discomfort of micropigmentation. Experts recommend nothing more than a standard dose of paracetamol or ibuprofen prior to the procedure.

Immediately following the treatment, the body will begin repairing itself, which will cause scabbing on the pigmented areas of the scalp. These will fall off by themselves within five to seven days and should not be picked at. In this time, it is a good idea to avoid chlorinated pools, sweaty exercise or particularly hot water, but otherwise, downtime should not affect your day to day life.

A week is the optimal rest period between sessions, as this gives the scalp time to heal itself and for pigmentation to settle.

Absolutely. Pigmentation can be removed completely with laser treatment within one or two sessions, so if you decide to change your look or remove your scalp pigmentation completely, it can be done quickly and simply.

None. All gloves, needles and other materials are medically sterile and single-use, eliminating risks of cross contamination.

No - although the ‘buzz cut’ look is best suited to blending scalp micropigmentation, it can be used on long or short hair. Discuss needs with your practitioner.

No, it won’t. Initial colour fade is completely normal, and the solidity of the colour will increase with follow-up treatments.

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